Assessment Standards

Turnstone Assessments works with self catering letting agencies and their individual property owners.  Our aim is to help agents and owners to provide the best holiday accommodation they can in order to target their chosen market.   The tool we use is our Assessment Scheme Standard. The standard covers three main areas of the letting business.

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Minimum Standards for Facilities and Services

The Assessment Scheme Standard provides a full and comprehensive list of the essential items every holiday home should offer, from beds to teaspoons.  It is the essential guide to setting up a holiday home.


This is probably the single most important element of any holiday letting   business.  It is essential that holiday accommodation is clean and well presented for each and every let.  The assessment standard looks not only at cleanliness, but at the general presentation of the accommodation.  As an assessment company, we can only look at a property once per year and so we also look at the procedures that are in place in order to underpin the housekeeping operation.

Quality Guidance

The minimum standard, as set out Section 1, ensures that all essential items are in place.  This section of the standard offers help and ideas as to where and how to upgrade from the minimum standard in order to achieve a higher quality rating.   We understand that targeting investment and planning improvements is individual to each property and each owner.  Turnstone assessors are always on-hand to offer help and advice and can provide pre-letting advisory visits.  Indeed, we can offer advisory visits at any time.

Ratings and Accolades.

3 Star

Holiday homes awarded a 3 Star rating will be well furnished and well equipped. There might be elements of 4 and 5 Star quality, but overall the standard will be good, with furniture, fittings and all equipment in good condition.

Good clean and comfortable accommodation.

4 Star

Well equipped and comfortable accommodation, as for the 3 Star standard, but with a greater degree of quality and comfort in key areas; bedrooms, bathrooms and living space.

4 Star Gold

This rating is reserved for properties that sit at the top end of the 4 Star rating, but are not quite meeting a 5 Star standard.  This might be due to some smaller rooms, or the bathroom ratio.  There will be some special elements that make the property stand out and offer greater comfort and quality.

5 Star

For a 5 Star rating to be awarded, any holiday home will offer obvious signs of luxury and comfort.  The property will have excellent bathrooms and a good bath to guest ratio.   There will be ample space and excellent ease of use in living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms and the kitchen.

The housekeeping procedures will be well organised and delivering to a very high standard.

5 Star Gold

This is the top of the market and is reserved for the very special properties.  Excellent quality and comfort will be offered throughout.